Dumi Mkokstad Is Building His Parents a Mansion in KwaZulu-Natal

Gospel star Dumi Mkokstad wows his fellow celebs and fans by sharing pictures of a stunning mansion he’s building for his parents in KwaZulu-Natal.

We are always proud of the celebs who go the extra mile to make their families comfortable as they gain fortune. Dumi Mkokstad has joined a list of celebs who built houses for their parents.

Big Zulu was previously in the news for showing off his beautiful home. He also built a house for a family who had lots of struggles. Gogo Maweni also showed off a house she’s building for herself on social media. We also can’t forget Busta 929 and many others.

Taking to his Instagram page, Dumi Mkokstad shared photos of a two-story building he’s constructing for his parents. He wrote in the captions, “Sekushoda kancuuuuuuu. Uphele u1 Room kaMah noBaba. kubokaDumi Kostad.”

We are certain that his parents are very proud of him for this. His fellow celebs, including Betusile Mcinga, took to the comments section and congratulated him.

Fans also praised him for his efforts. @brettsaofficial wrote, “I’m happy for you what have done and accomplished fam. Tyma Bigboy is proud where he is with how far you’ve come.”

@dr_rebeccamalope replied, “Well done this is beautiful Dumi.”

Dumi Mkokstad Is Building His Parents A Mansion In Kwazulu-Natal 2
Picture: Pexels.

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