Dumi Mkokstad Shares Snippet Of Upcoming Single, Ziphozenkosi

Dumi Mkokstad releases snippet of Upcoming song, "Ziphozenkosi"

Dumi Mkokstad shares snippet of his upcoming love song tagged “Ziphozenkosi”.

Artistes know how to keep their fans thirsty for more. It is literally like being in a hot environment, and they give you a taste of water and take away the full gallon so you wait till they’re ready to pour it out. Truly, that can be frustrating sometimes.

One artiste who’s on our case right now is the talented Dumi Mkokstad who just gave us a taste of what’s coming but chooses to keep details to himself. Ugghhhh. Are you as pissed as we are? That means he definitely got our attention.

The singer recently shared a video in which an instrumental for his new song “Ziphozenkosi” plays in the background but he cuts it once the first verse is about to play. When a follower asked for the song’s release date, he simply replied with an emoji.

Well, it’s obvious the song is dropping on Valentine’s Day because he revealed it in the caption.

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