Dumisani Dlamini Claims To Have Met Daughter Doja Cat In New York

Theirs is a relationship that has been of interest to many across South Africa and would probably remain of interest for a long time. Dumisani Dlamini and his daughter Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini (Doja Cat) are thought not to have the best relationship.

Also, she supposedly hasn’t met him in person. But he denied all those claims, stating, in reaction to a critic, that he’s with his daughter in New York. didn’t say the same, though.

Dumisani Dlamini and his then-girlfriend Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer had and another child while he was in the United States on an acting trip. He claimed he was homesick and left back for South Africa soon after, allegedly promising to bring Deborah and the children to South Africa soon after. He never did.

However, he’s gotten other women and sired several other children back home in South Africa. For this reason. Some social media users have condemned him sporadically, and the questions about his relationship with have refused to go away.

According to Dumisani, though, he loves all his children, including Doja Cat, and they also love him. And he’s met with Doja too, he said.

She’s yet to confirm that claim, however.

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