Dumisani Dlamini On Being An Absent Father To Doja Cat

Legendary actor Dumisani Dlamini reveals why he hasn’t seen his daughter Doja Cat after he received backlash for being an absent father.

Doja Cat caused an uproar recently on social media after she revealed she has never seen her father Dumisani. The singer who is based in America recently had an interview with award winning American actress Whoopi Goldberg where she stated she hadn’t seen her father.

Dumisani Dlamini had played the role of the crocodile in the popular Sarafina movie, where Whoopi also played an important role, hence why Doja said in the interview that unlike Whoopi who had contact with her father, she had never seen her father.

Dumisani has now come out to defend himself that the only reason he hasn’t seen is daughter is because her management won’t let him see her and he has made necessary efforts to see his daughter, Doja Cat

In his words

I have been looking for my daughter as well. You mustn’t forget these Americans. Americans will always want to have something to cause a stir so that she stays in the media and is talked about around the world.

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