Duncan Apologizes, Makes Peace With Priddy Ugly After Brief Twar

At last, peace! After a needles tiff, South African rappers Duncan and Priddy Ugly had decided to embrace the Peace of Frothi.

Trouble started when Priddy Ugly declared in a tweet in Zulu that his song writing skills are unmatched. Duncan had seen the tweet and scoffed at the idea of Priddy Ugly, a much younger rapper, been the ace in musical pensmanship

In reaction Piddy Ugly had made it clear that he never had Duncan in mind during his creative process, just as Duncan probably never had him in mind during his. You can check out the backstory here.

Not one to be silenced, Duncan had fired another tweet, this time dragging Priddy Ugly’s daughter into the argument. He took down the tweet almost as soon as he made it. But it didn’t stop Priddy Ugly from cautioning him, in the following words: “Duncan umdala mfwethu.”

Those words indicated Priddy was still civil although Duncan had apparently insulted him. This caused Duncan to apologize. He said he felt sorry for his action and said they should let the conflict pass.

Priddy Ugly appeared to have accepted the apology, sharing a hand punch emoji and telling his fans that Duncan and Zakwe have an out, and that is alive in South Africa.

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