Duncan Gets A Broken Heart Symbol Haircut After Valentines Rejection!

Duncan's Valentine's Day rejection inspires broken heart haircut

SA rapper, Duncan gets a broken heart symbol haircut after Valentine’s Day rejection.

Sometimes it is better to do things in private than to go public with them. We are certain that Mzansi rapper, Duncan has understood that but it doesn’t mean he’s okay just yet.

On Valentine’s day, the rapper took an arrow to the heart when he tried to propose to a girl in the presence of his friends and she said no. Since then, he’s been heartbroken by it. His fans have urged him to get over it to no avail. From the looks of things, he is owning the heartbreak and wearing it like a haircut.

In a recent post made on Instagram, he shared a a new haircut which features a heartbroken symbol to signify his broken heart. Hopefully he gets over it and moves on. His new song “Sthandwa Sam Sak’dala” has been a huge success since it dropped.

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