Duncan Mocks Dr. Umar Johnson For Making False Claims

Duncan Mocks Dr. Umar Johnson For Making Claims About Chinese Language Being Introduced In South African Schools While indigenous Languages Fade Away

mocks for claims that Mandarin is now being taught as the official language in South Africa.

Be very careful what you say because is definitely going to call you out on it. The Mzansi rapper who has become known to always tell it as it is has his eyes set on a new offender, America’s .

The Mzansi rapper, took to Instagram to share a video of the doctor making claims about Mzansi’s indigenous languages being replaced by Mandarin during an appearance on The Breakfast Club. According to him, Mzansi is “rolling out the red carpet for China right now”, and Mandarin has become the official language in the country, replacing Zulu and the rest.

Sharing the video, Duncan said he lied with so much confidence. The Mzansi rapper has had a very impressive social media presence since the lockdown began. He’s even called TNS out for trying to blame DJ Tira for his problems.

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