Duncan & Priddy Ugly Trade Words Over The Best Writer

Who, between Duncan and Priddy Ugly, writes the best verses? That’s the question that popped on the mouths of many social media users after a little drama played out between hip hop champs and Duncan.

In a recent tweet, had indicated he’s not afraid of anyone in musical penmanship. His words, in Zulu, read, “Angisabi muntu.” He followed those words with a hand with a pen emoji.

Veteran rapper Duncan apparently felt attacked by the tweet and responded, also in Zulu, “Awume wena sqamu.” Loosely translated, the phrase means “Stop you…” You can check out the tweets below.

Replying  to Duncan, Priddy Ugly, who recently released a body of work called “SOIL,” indicate that Duncan has never been a thought in his creative process, just as he believes he has never been a thoughts inDuncan’s.

His statement about his verse-writing skills was just that. But it shows great energy on his part, according to Priddy Ugly, that a mere statement on his skills as writer of lyrics should get a person of Duncan’s calibre to react. Duncan is much older and highly regarded in the industry.

Well, what do you think? You can join the conversation bydropping your thought s in the comment section below.

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