Durban Comedian Booed For Senseless AKA Joke; Actor Maurice Paige Storms Out

A Durban comedian was booed for making a senseless AKA joke, while Maurice Paige stormed out of the show.

Mzansi is still sore. The death of AKA has left sore hearts all over Mzansi. People still cannot come to terms with the rapper’s passing. It also came as a shock to most when a Durban comedian took the stage at the Savanna Newcomer Showcase in Cape Town and made a tasteless AKA joke.

According to IOL, the comedian had to cut his set short when he made the joke because he was booed off the stage. Reacting to the joke, the former “Isidingo” actor stormed off the stage. The actor said,

I couldn’t believe he made an AKA joke about his death while most people were mourning the death of Super Mega. Did this comedian also not know that he was in the hometown of AKA while he made this bad joke?” 

“That’s my brother you making these jokes of. The man died last week, and it’s his memorial today. Don’t you have respect? I know comedians want to use what is relevant at that time, but not something about the way AKA was taken out. Man, that’s just too sensitive.”

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