Durban July: Jessica Nkosi Celebrates Winning Best-Dressed Female (Pictures)

Durban July has come and gone but the memories are still pretty fresh for many people, including actress Jessica Nkosi.

She wore a modest dress that accentuated her figure and she looked glamorous. At the end of the day, she was crowned the best-dressed female at the event. Big deal, yes?

Well, it meant a lot to her. At least that should explain her motivations for sharing her win on her verified Instagram page with slides of the dress she wore to the event. The reactions to the post were mostly positive, with tweeps noting that she indeed stood out.

If you missed the event, you have a chance to check out the snaps she took below. One thing that cannot be missed is that she looked gorgeous in her modesty.

The reactions to her tweet – as well as her winning the best dressed female award – contrasts markedly with the reception some other celebs got. Somizi, for instance, had mixed reviews, with some tweeps noting that he took the theme too far.

Similarly, DJ Sihole Shozi was mocked by some netizens for her outfit to the show, with peeps noting that the cloth she wore was the result of her being around Somizi for too long – whatever that means.

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