Durban July: NOTA Baloyi Urges Artists To Boycott Event Over AKA’s Assassination

Durban July is just around the corner and controversial music executive NOTA Baloyi is calling on South African musicians to boycott the event over the killing of fellow rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes in the city.

AKA was gunned down on February 10 this year soon after stepping out of Wish restaurant on Florida Road in Durban. A point-blank shot to the head ended his brilliant musical career. Also killed with him at the time was his former manager Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane.

It’s been months since the incident but the killers of both men have not been found – a reason for anger and exasperation among the rapper’s fans, who are collectively known as the Megacy.

In his rally to have artists boycott Durban July, he appears to be gaining the support of some fans. Even DJ Zinhle, a former girlfriend to the slain rapper, has made it clear she would not be present for the Durban July. She insists she is not comfortable going to the city. She has a point, of course.

While NOTA is lavish in his praise of DJ Zinhle over her decision not to be a part of the show, he had condemned others who are gearing up to be a part of it. You can check out his post below.

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