“Dust” To Dust? The Final lap For Priddy Ugly As He Drops His “Final” Album

It is no longer news that South African rapper Priddy Ugly is gearing up to release a new album. The news is that the project would be his last in a career spanning almost two decades – 15 years so to speak.

In a recent post on his official Instagram account, he had written a heartfelt message to his fans, reflecting on his musical journey so far and the support of his fans through it all.

His Instagram post reads in part, “It’s been 15 years. That’s 3 albums and 3 Mix-Tapes. That’s 5 EPs, 500 Features and thousands of verses.” Of course, that’s not a bad oeuvre for a rapper. But fans are puzzled that he is dropping the mic after “Dust.”

Priddy Ugly’s plan is to make “Dust” his last album. But some of his fans are not having it. According to some of them, if he is exhausted with creating the numbers, he should as well rest, and then come back with more bangers. But announcing “Dust” would be his last album is just “not it” for them.

The title of the album itself is symbolic. “Dust” connotes death – an end, a discontinuation. In the same vein, it is also from the “dust” that crops sprout.

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