Ed Sheeran Croons In Court During Copyright Infringement Trial

British singer Ed Sheeran had his musical side on display during his recent court appearance, and the moment amused some people and charmed others. 

The celebrated musician had allegedly copied Mavin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.” And when he appeared in court for the trial on Thursday, he  crooned his number “Thinking Out Loud” from the witness stand 

The courtroom was packed during the trial as the songster spoke about the inspiration behind the song that got him the copyright infringement hit. At the time he wrote the song, he had begun a new romantic relationship and had lost his grandfather. 

He noted that he draws inspiration from a lot of things but that the inspiration for the song was gotten from the love story of his grandparents. 

Mavin Gaye is no longer on the material plane, and indeed the case against Ed Sheeran was brought directly by him or his family. Ed Townsend was a co-writer of the song Sheeran allegedly copied, and his heirs are the ones suing the British. 

The heirs want a share of the profits from “Thinking Out Loud” because they believe the cord progression of the song was copied from “Let’s Get It On.”

It remains to be seen which of the parties will emerge victorious. 

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