Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You Reaches 3 Billion Streams On Spotify

Christmas came early for British singer Ed Sheeran. His song “Shape Of You” has just reached a milestone of 3 billion streams on streaming platform Spotify.

Warner Music had shared the news of the milestone on its South African Instagram page while notig that “Shape of You” was the very fisrt song on Spotify to reach 3 billion streams.

Ed Sheeran was just as excited about the Spotify triumph. In a post to Instagram Instagram, the songster had shared news of the milestone with his 36 million-plus followers.

He thanked his fans who made him reach that milestone on Spotify, while urrging them to tell their “Shape of You” story in the comments. Some fans were cool telling their stories. Others would rather pass and like the stories of those who spoke,

Ed Sheeran has come a long way as a musician. In fact, out there, he’s being used as an example of what it means not to give up on your dream. A photo of him playing in the streets with no one paying attention to him is often juxtaposed with another photo of him playing in a thronged arena. Well, for Ed Sheeran, it appears like this is just the beginning.

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