Edwin Sodi Allegedly The Reason For Minnie Dlamini’s Divorce From Quinton Jones

More details are currently flying across Mzansi’s social media on why Minnie Dlamini and her husband are getting a divorce. At the outset, rumours had it that she had cheated on Quinton, and he opted for divorce because he couldn’t bear the betrayal.

At the moment, though, the word out there is that she had cheated with no other than the businessman Edwin Sodi. He was said to have founded her luxurious lifestyle and made his jet available to her and her friends.

Sodi, a businessman, allegedly linked to tenders fraud, has had multiple engagements with other women. He’s said to be the man who ruined the rapper Proverb’s marriage as well as ’s relationship with his baby mama.

Amid all the allegations against him at the moment, including allegedly ruining Minnie Dlamini’s marriage, Edwin Sodi has been silent.

By the way, is said to be earnestly seeking a divorce, but Minnie has reportedly declined to sign the divorce papers. Also, to show just how serious he is about not continuing with his relationship with her, he’d resigned from the joint company they own and wants to withdraw his 25 per cent stake from the company.

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