EFF 10th Anniversary: What Went Down At FNB Stadium & What Julius Malema Said

The 10th anniversary of the South African opposition party, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), might be over, but the memories of that day are still pretty fresh.

For one, the EFF silenced naysays by filling up the massive FNB Stadium, contrary to the belief by some people that the party cannot fill up the place and that the anniversary might not be massive. All that proved false, as EFF supporters, comprising mostly young people, filled up the stadium.

The turnout was pretty impressive. The stadium was bathed in red and party faithful listened as leader Julius Malema gave his speech. A key highlight of the moment was Julius Malema seemingly telling South Africans what the focus of his presidency would be if elected president in 2024.

A key point he would address, according to him, is South Africa’s load-shedding crisis. With him a president, he said, load shedding would be a thing of the past. Another important aspect of his speech and that which resonated with most young people was the promise to make dedication free.

And the current crop of “corrupt” ANC leaders? Malema is unimpressed with them all. He promised to toss them all in jail if elected. Well, time will tell.

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