EFF @ 8: Red Beret Under Fire For Sharing Felicitations From DJ Fresh

Controversial political group EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) has gotten into trouble with public opinion after a shout out from Fresh, a veteran of South African provenance.

EFF, which stands out for its red berets, celebrated its eighth anniversary on Monday (two days ago) and got several felicitations from many celebrities in South Africa, including Thato “ Fresh” Sikwane.

The EFF retweeted the felicitations from celebs, including Fresh, whose video message reads, verbatim: “ Fresh wishes the EFF a happy birthday. #EFFTurns8.” This would have been just another message but for the recent claim by a South African lady that Fresh, alongside Euphonik, raped her and her friend.

The case was taken to court, but the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) stated there was not enough evidence to prosecute the case. Some members of the public are, however, of the opinion that case was dismissed because both accused are famous figures. Fresh and insist they are innocent.

The sharing of Fresh’s message to the EFF irked many social media users, who insisted the controversial political group should simply have ignored the message instead of sharing it.

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