“Effective Immediately” – DJ Tira Fires Afrotainment Employee Over Shady Dealings

South African musician and entrepreneur DJ Tira has just exercised his powers as the owner of the record label Afrotainment, firing a staff member for allegedly misusing company resources.

The firing of Senzo Shezi an an employee of the record label is said to be with immediate effect. He had reportedly broken the code of operation at the record label by dating artists.  He was also accused of misusing company funds, as well as overcharging event organisers for bookings.

DJ Tira announced the break from Shezi in a statement shared on social media. In the statement, which appeared on his official Instagram page, he noted that after an internal investigation, it was found that Shezi engaged in behaviour which was inconsistent with the values of the company.

As a result, according to him, Afrotainemtn has decided to fire him “effective immediately.” He also made it clear that Shez’s departure will not affect the running or quality of the service from the brand. The company and Shezi had a relationship for the past nine years, so it was somewhat heartbreaking for him that Shezi should leave in such circumstances. See the post below.

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The circumstances of Shezi’s exit will likely affect his future job prospects.

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