#EFFPresser: Julius Malema Calls For President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Resignation

It appears like there’s no peace in sight for President Cyril Ramaphosa over the heist at the Phala Phala farm, which was concealed until former police chief Arthur Fraser blew the lid. 

The opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is currently campaigning for the president’s resignation and probe by the relevant authorities. 

The leader of the red collective, Julius Malema, addressed the issue several times and is rallying his supporters to see to it that the president is probed and removed from office — or else he would have nothing to govern. 

In one of its addresses, the EFF had claimed that the domestic worker at the farm was tortured to elicit a confession from him. It also noted that the minister of health Dr Mkhize had resigned without being charged and that Ramaphosa, who had done something serious, should be relieved of his duties as well. 


#Effpresser: Julius Malema Calls For President Cyril Ramaphosa'S Resignation 2The background to the controversy is Cyril Ramaphosa keeping mum about his domestic staff colluding with some Namibian who had robbed the president’s farm of millions of dollars hidden in the property. 

The argument is that the fund was laundered, and keeping such a humongous sum at home is against the law. 

But will the president bow to pressure and resign?

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