Elaine Cooking Something With Kabza De Small In The Studio (Video)

South Africa’s RnB singer Elaine was recently found in the studio with compatriot and amapiano producer Kabza De Small, leading to speculation she might be joining the yanos community soon.

In a post to her Instagram stories, the songstress had shared a clip of Kabza De Small producing amapiano beats. On another occasion, during the Scorpion Kings Live concert with DJ Maphorisa at the Sun Arena, Kabza and Elaine spent some time discussing.

It’s unclear what they were discussing at the time, but all possibilities point to Elaine dropping a piano project soon.

If she should drop a yanos project, it would be a big boost to South Africa’s amapiano genre, which has been growing massively since it emerged years ago. In fact, the appeal of the genre is so deep at the moment that it has become the in-thing in the Rainbow Nation.

Just recently, even the BBC released a documentary about the piano genre, further amplifying the impact the genre has had since its emergence in South Africa.

Anyway, whatever Elaine should drop in collaboration with Kabza De Small, you can count on us to share the same with you. So, just tag along and stay tuned for updates.

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