Elaine is moving to the US this year

RnB star, Elaine reveals she will be moving to the US later this year.

In case you were wondering what other plans Mzansi singer and songwriter, Elaine might have this year, she just revealed them. According to her, she will be moving to the US later this year. She said this in an interview with Daily Sun.

Elaine has been on an upward ride since she dropped her debut EP, Elements last year. She has gained so much praise for it, and it also clinched her a deal with Columbia Records. It also means she’s looking to conquer the world.

Talking about her rise, she revealed that it has been brutal as much as it has been fun. According to her, it has caused her to grow up fast and become independent. She also revealed that living in the US would help her be more creative, explore and find herself.

Though amazing, the journey has also been brutal because it forced me to grow up fast and become independent and confident. It was important for me to do so because of the nature of the industry.”

“I’ve been living between the two countries for a year, and I’ve finally decided to move to the US. This is a big step, but I’m excited because it’s a great environment for me to be creative, explore and find myself,”

– Elaine

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