Elaine Reveals “You’re The One” Inspiration On Apple Music’s Song Stories, Says It’s About Avoiding Drama

Elaine says "You're The One" is about avoiding drama on Apple Music's Song Stories

Elaine reveals truth behind her song “You’re The One” is about avoiding drama on Apple Music’s Song Stories.

Popular Mzansi RnB singer, Elaine has had the spotlight shone on her for the success of her album, “Elements”, and its single “You’re The One”. Recently appearing in a current episode of Apple Music’s Song Stories, she revealed the truth behind the song.

According to her, it’s about avoiding drama. She’s quoted saying “I know you’re the one, it doesn’t get any deeper than that”.

The singer has held Mzansi in a tight grip with her album “Elements” which hit number one on the Apple Music SA Albums charts. Her chart-topping single “You’re The One” also changed the RnB game.

The singer also revealed that she is inspired by her Idols Lauryn Hill and Beyonce. Following in their footsteps, she pours events in her life into her music and makes it as beautiful as ever.

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