Ellen DeGeneres Show: Host Days Goodbye In Emotional Episode

The show forever changed her life. So it was understandable seeing Ellen DeGeneres getting emotional over her exit from the show that bears her name.

It’s been a dramatic turn not just for Ellen but for the show as well. When it first premiered in 2003, she couldn’t use the word gay or even talk about her wife because it was illegal then.

In the years since then, the world has transformed magically, and it’s no longer taboo to speak about such. She recognised this much, and referenced the same, on her last day on the show.

For those who are aghast that she’s leaving the show, she left pieces of hope. She noted that she wouldn’t be gone for long, as it’s not the end of her relationship with the show — just a break. In the interim, while awaiting her return, fans can see other shows.

Since the show debuted, DeGeneres has interviewed some of the top voices in culture and business. Jennifer Aniston was her first guest (on the show’s debut). Other figures that had turned up on the show include Billie Eilish, Oprah Winfrey and Peter Roth.

It’ll e interesting to see what happens after now – if she’ll get back on the show, and when.

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