Elon Musk Clarifies Statement About Buying Manchester United

Elon Musk is at it again. Is he in earnest, or has he just dropped one of his many acquisition jokes?

Manchester United is currently struggling in the English Premier League, and Elon Musk had joked about acquiring the Old Trafford side. The mere statement about buying the club ignited Manchester United fans, who happily endorsed the plan on social media.

The endorsement is understandable, as Manchester United has been seriously struggling of recent, irritating fans with its below-par league performance. Some disappointed fans have even renounced their support for the club and gone elsewhere.

So Elon Musk saying he would buy the club was a welcome relief to many Man U fans – for a good reason, perhaps. Musk is famous for doing what many people consider impossible and then scaling. So, clearly, the hope is that he would do the same when he takes ownership of United.

In another tweet, though, Musk disabused the minds of those who think he would really be buying the Old Trafford side, noting that the statement about buying Man United was actually a running joke on Twitter.

Not only is he not buying the club, but he isn’t buying any sports teams – at the moment anyway.

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