Elon Musk Provokes Debate With Comment About WhatsApp

The battle between Elon Musk and his tech rival Mark Zuckerberg continues as the Twitter boss tweeted recently that Whatsapp, a Platform owned by Zuckerberg’s company Meta, cannot be trusted.

A Twitter engineer known as Foad Dabiri had tweeted that his WhatsApp was using his microphone. In fact, according to him, the app used his microphone in the background for several hours, from when he was asleep to when he woke up. He wondered why it was that way.

Elong Musk replied to the tweet in his usual laconic fashion, noting that WhatsApp cannot be trusted. His take provoked a debate online, with some tweeps pointing to it as a sign of the resumption of hostilities between him and Zuckerberg. You can check out the tweet below.

While it might appear like the billionaire has no faith in WhatsApp, he is confident in what he bought recently (Twitter) and his ability to make the best of that platform. He recently announced that Twitter accounts that have not had any activity in recent years would be purged from the platform.

By the way, last we checked, Zuckerberg had not responded to Musk’s recent sally. Time will tell whether he’d respond at all

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