Elon Musk Says Twitter Will Purge Dormant Accounts

Twitter boss Elon Musk has announced he would be purging the platform of accounts that have been inactive for years. The idea of removing inactive Twitter accounts and making taken but now dormant usernames available to the public again has been there all along since the Tesla boss took over.

When it gained resonance at the time, some tweeps had appealed to Musk to please spare the accounts of some dead folks, as that is their legacy – something to remember them by. But how it be determined that this user is dead and this one isn’t?

In a tweet on May 8, Musk made it clear that the platform would be purging accounts that have had no activity at all for several years. He also informed the Twitter community that some users might see their follower count drop as a result. He didn’t give details beyond that.

So, what does “several years” mean here? Three? Four? Five to ten years? It is hard to tell. But from what he tweeted, those who recently created accounts, say, from early this year, but haven’t used them at all, should have no reason to worry, as that does not meet the criteria for a purge.

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