Elon Musk Taps Linda Yaccarino As New Twitter CEO

Twitter has got a new CEO in Linda Yaccarino. It’s been a while, but the wait to get a replacement for Elon Musk is finally over. Musk had taken over as CEO following his purchase of the company. His taking over the position and implementing some changes elicited mixed reactions.

While some tweeps hailed his leadership style, which had also seen to the restoration of hitherto suspended accounts, some said he is not a good CEO for Twitter. Well, Musk had put up a poll, asking whether he should continue as CEO of Twitter or quit the position. He promised to abide by the result of the poll. It turned out many users wanted him out of that position.

He kept his word.

Musk out, Yaccarino in. That is the news as of May 13, 2023.

But who is this Yaccarino lady? It turns out she has got an impressive résumé . She has held several executive positions in the corporate universe, most recently as an advertising executive at NBCUniversal, from where he stepped down to take on her new role as Twitter CEO.

In her new role, she would focus on business and operations while Musk will remain in charge of technology and design.

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