Elon Musk Wants to Buy Coca Cola to Bring Back the Cocaine to the Drink

Tesla boss caused quite a stir on yesterday, Wednesday 27, when he posted that, next, he’d buy Coca Cola and put the cocaine back in. 

He made the tweet about buying for 46.5 billion. (44 billion for the company and 2.5 billion in transaction fees). 

For context, when Coca Cola was first brewed, cocaine was legal in the United States, and John Pemberton, the brewer of the drink, was on record to have used cocaine extracts in the making of the beverage. 

Anyway, cocaine was soon banned in the States and it no longer made its way into the drink. 

But is earnest when he said he wanted to bring the cocaine back to the drink? 

is Elon Musk’s playground, and he jokes there a lot. So it is safe to say this is one of those times when the Tesla boss was just humouring the world. 

Either way, if he’s buying Coca Cola, fans think there are a whole lot more he should buy. They made a list of stuff he should buy, from countries like and Nigeria to businesses like Fox. 

It remains to be seen what he’ll buy next. Y’all gotta watch and see.

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