Embattled Actor Carlo Radebe Shows Gratitude For Help

Embattled “Backstage” actor Carlo Radebe shows gratitude to his fans for their help.

Carlo Radebe is finally back on his feet and giving thanks to everyone who helped him up. Mzansi got to know of his woes when his friend, Mauritz Neethling, appealed to fans for support him.

Neethling revealed that Radebe lost his livelihood and was evicted from his former residence. He shared that the actor now stays on a remote smallholding outside Johannesburg. He also said Radebe was “relying on a government grant of only R350 pm [per month] …”

Among others, producer Duma Ndlovu’s Academy announced that they were trying to find the actor so as to lend a helping hand.

“We are currently looking for Mr Carlo Radebe. Should you have any information on how to get a hold of him kindly contact us urgently!”

They later announced via Facebook that they had found him.

Taking to social media on Saturday, Radebe showed love to everyone who lent a helping hand to him. He said,

“What you have shown me over the course of several days, since the release of my statement-guided by my friend Mauritz Neethling, rallied by his devotion to my well-being, has no words… I thank you kindly too from heartfelt devotion to pay it forward perpetually.”

He also revealed that he is looking forward to being back on set.

“I am Looking forward to getting back on set and shooting. By God’s grace, all will be well…I thank all the shoutouts and certain individuals who have galvanised on their platforms. Humbling. I thank you again. May life be also easier on you!”

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