Embattled Makhadzi Bawls For Payment From Open Mic Productions

t appears like the drama between Makhadzi and Open Mic productions is just beginning, as she has officially demanded “her money” from the record label.

Just recently, the popular Venda singer had announced that she had left the record label because it didn’t renew her contract when it ended about a month before her announcement. After that, she had made another tweet in which she claimed that she did not receive a cent from the record label despite signing a three-year contract with it.

What’s more, she didn’t even have a copy of the contract. According to her, although the record label promised to send the contract in the mail, it never did. So it is over. Despite releasing four albums in the period when the “contract” was active. she never received a cent.

Just recently, after snagging a Metro FM Music Award in the Best Female Artist category, she was asked a question by Somizi who was on the ground for the event, and she responded that Open Mic Production should pay her what’s owed her. You can check out the clip below.

It is unclear how Open Mic Productions would respond to her claims. So, just stay tuned.

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