Eminem Hits New Milestone, Celebrate 12 Years Of Sobriety

Eminem celebrates 12 years of sobriety.

hits a new milestone; he celebrates 12 years of sobriety.

Rap god, is out here feeling grateful for how far he’s come. The rapper has known his share of struggles and addiction, and has managed to overcome them and replace them with healthier habits. There is nothing cooler than being the kind of icon that inspires hope in fans.

On Monday, April 21st, the rapper hit a new milestone. He celebrated 12 solid years of sobriety. He shared an AA chip which indicates that he has been clean for 12 years. He accompanied the photo with a “Not Afraid” caption. This is the third year on a row that he’s celebrated his sobriety by sharing a photo of the chip on social media.

The chips are mementos meant to remind addicts how far they’ve come and help them self-resolve in continuing to abstain from whatever they once struggled with. Congratulations to him.

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