Eminem Names 2Pac Shakur As The GOAT Songwriter

Legendary rapper, Eminem, has explained why he believes that 2Pac Shakur is the greatest songwriter the hip hop industry has ever had.

Eminem is one of the biggest fans of the iconic rapper, 2Pac. The multi-award-winning rapper personally sought permission from Afeni Shakur in 2004 to produce a posthumous 2Pac album. This led to ‘Loyal To The Game.’

He also likened his temperament to the late rapper on hit songs such as ‘Say What You Say’ and ‘Soldier.’ 2Pac Shakur undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the life of Eminem. Now, he is reflecting on the rap legend’s impact during ‘Music To Be Quarantined By.’

Eminem said:

This next song is from an artist I feel might be the greatest songwriter of all time. Debate what you want about emcee skills and all that, because he had that too. But this is one of them songs by 2Pac, where to me, he was showing ‘I can write heartfelt shit and I can write lyrical crazy shit to.’ They say pussy and paper is poetry, power and pistols. Plottin’ on murdering muthafuckas fore’ they get you.

Eminem continued:

Like, the play on the P words and how he was doing it was so crazy. Mixed with the feel that 2Pac could give you, which is constantly why he was always saying ‘can you feel me?!’ Because you felt Pac. You can’t just listen to Pac, but you feel Pac. If you listen to him, you gon’ feel him. Anyways, this is 2Pac’s “If I Die Tonight.

Eminem recently announced that the three-hour special will be aired on the 2nd of May and it will feature songs by hip hop legends such as 2Pac Shakur, Mobb Deep Beastie Boys, Run DMC, The NOTORIOUS B.I.G., MC Lyte, Wu-Tang Clan, and others.

The ‘Music To Be Quarantined By,’ was launched on his Shade45 SiriusXM Channel.

Do you also share the same opinion with Eminem that 2Pac Shakur is the greatest hip hop songwriter of all time?

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