Eminem Supports Joe Biden’s Presidential Ambitions

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s support base is swelling pretty fast. And at the rate at which important voices in American pop are supporting him, he just might end up President of the United States later this month.

Pop icon Eminem is the latest to support Joe Biden in his presidential ambitions. The songster showed his support by allowing the Joe Biden presidential campaign to use his song “Lose Yourself” as part of its ad campaigns.

Also, he shared a tweet encouraging Americans to go vote for Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris. See the tweet below.

Eminem Supports Joe Biden'S Presidential Ambitions 2

Eminem is known to be averse to ads, so the decision to support Joe Biden must have been borne out of strong conviction.

He isn’t the first to support the Biden campaign, though. Other notable voices have lent their voice to the Biden campaign train, including Taylor Swift. Formerly a Biden support, rapper 5oCent had repudiated Biden in a recent Instagram post when he saw what the presidential hopeful was proposing as tax.

Well, it remains to be seen if Eminem’s support for the Biden – as well as the support from other American celebs – will translate to victory for Biden at the pools.

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