Eminem Unveils Clothing Capsule For “MMLP” 20th Anniversary

unveils a clothing capsule for the 20th anniversary of his classic album “The Marshall Mathers LP”.

We can’t believe it has been 20 solid years since Em dropped his earth-shaking album “MMLP” which has truly impacted the music industry. It has only been a few months since the classic project turned 20 but Em is set to give fans a to remember it even more as he sets to launch a new clothing capsule to celebrate the album’s 20th anniversary.

We hardly ever see him update his Instagram. Everytime he does, it is obvious he is out to promote something. That’s why we weren’t really surprised to see the new posts made on his page. He gave fans a glimpse of the coming capsule which is set to hit stores on Thursday, October 29th. That’s tomorrow by the way.

He first calls for our attention, “may I have your attention please” and then shares a video teaser that should remind you of how legendary the album is. It features singles including The Way I Am,” “The Real Slim Shady,” and “Stan” which are the basis of the many capsule designs. Wanna check them out, do it at Em’s official store. 

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