Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade’s Poolside Bikini Picture Ignites Interest

Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade snagged attention recently when she showed up for her sister Alaina’s bachelorette party in Arizona. It was to have been just another party,  but Hailie brought some new energy to it with how she choose to turn up.

She was cool with showing off her figure, so a bikini came as an easy choice. Poolside, she took a couple of pictures. In one of them, her left hand is raised as though to shield her eyes from the sun. She had her sunshades on, however.

Fans who saw the picture online were generous with their compliments. Some noted how alike the sisters looked and some joked about whether they are still single.

Eminem'S Daughter Hailie Jade'S Poolside Bikini Picture Ignites Interest 2Eminem'S Daughter Hailie Jade'S Poolside Bikini Picture Ignites Interest 3

Of course, they are not. Lol. Alain and Hailie are both engaged, meaning they could walk down the aisle any minute from now – as soon as they make up their mind to finalise things. Alaina has been engaged to Matt Moeller since 2021, and Hailie got engaged to her long-term boyfriend Even Matthews this year.

The two sisters share a bond that has been a subject of sporadic commentary. And yes, some tweeps have often spoken about their wish to have a similar bond with siblings.

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