Emtee And 1-Year Old Son Vibe To “Wave”

Emtee Vibes To His Song "Wave" With Son

and his one-year old son vibe to his newest joint, “Wave”. Both of them make us want to have kids immediately.

What’s the loveliest thing you’ve seen on social media? Videos of cats or dogs maybe? Well, whatever that is, it will surely not beat what you’re about to see.

SA Hip Hop star, and his son make us want to have kids as soon as possible. Their father-son goals are way out of this world. Emtee always seems to be an entirely different person when he’s with his son.

A recent video shared to his Instagram account shows the both of them vibing to his newest jam, “Wave”. It seems we are not the only ones feeling the joint, his boy is too. He must be a really proud son right now.

and are the only two hip hop stars in the iTunes right now.

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