Called Out, Emtee Apologizes To DJ Tira & Duncan For Missing Music Video Shoot

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South African rapper Emtee has apologised to his older compatriots DJ Tira and Duncan for disappointing them during a video shoot.

Apparently, DJ Tira had co-opted Emtee to appear in the music video for a song he did with Duncan, and although Emtee initially agreed to be a part of the video shoot, he eventually failed to show up for the shoot, which was cancelled as a result.

DJ Tira kept this disappointment to himself until recently, when another notable musician, DJ Maphorisa, tweeted for help in reaching Emtee. He asked his fans to help him get to Emtee with whom he obviously wanted to collaborate.

DJ Tira had responded to that tweet with his unsavoury experience with Emtee. Well, after a brief silence, Emtee has broken his silence. He expressed his love and respect for DJ Tira, while somehow acknowledging his life is full of upheavals.

He said he is sorry for not making it to the shoot while also expressing the hope that he would be forgiven for that. You can check out his tweet below.

Maybe the apology has ended the whole drama, but South Africans would have wanted to know whether he’d make it up to them by still offering to appear if they would do the shoot again.