Emtee Big Plans For Upcoming Album Logan

has got big plans for his imminent “Logan” album, a body of work named for his son.

In a recent tweet (via his record label handle), the “Prayer” muso indicated that he would be having listening sessions for “Logan” in three cities: Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg.

Some fans thought he ought to add their cities as well, and implored him in the comments to do so. However, the songster is yet to confirm if he would add other cities to the ones he already announced to the public.

The announcement of listening sessions for his imminent “Logan” album follows a series of revelations regarding his relationship with his baby mama Nicole Chinsamy. had indicated in a Twitter thread that Nicole has been abusing him in their relationship.

In fact, at some point, according to him, she had locked him out of their crib and gone to her parents’ house with the key. Many who had doubted his claims of abuse, thinking he was using it to promote his imminent album, had a rethink when Nicole Chimsamy released a statement regarding ‘s claims.

At any rate, listening sessions for Emtee’s album begins soon. You might want to look out for it in your hood.

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