Emtee Blasts Ambitiouz Entertainment For Not Compensating Him For Avery Album Sales

The rift between the popular South African rapper, Emtee, and his former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, is getting hotter by the day.

It looks like the talented rapper is ready to claim what was allegedly taken from his former record label. Emtee has taken to Twitter to slam Ambitiouz Entertainment for not settling him for what he is due.

The notable rapper revealed that his 2015 album which is titled ‘Avery’ went platinum in terms of sales. However, the record label has refused to pay him for his efforts.

Emtee tweeted:

You still haven’t given me the album sales for Avery @Ambitiouz_Ent. Album sold platinum. That’s all we know. Where’s guap for it?

The ‘Roll Up’ hitmaker experienced a messy split from Ambitiouz Entertainment. This happened after they both had a hectic dispute that was caused by several issues such as fraudulence, theft, and finance. The talented rapper accused Ambitiouz Entertainment of stealing his works’ credits, and he labeled other accusations and queries on the record label. He also accused them of exploitation and slave labour practices.

The award-winning rapper revealed his intentions of parting ways from the record label after he took to his Twitter page to post the hashtag #FreeEmtee. He spoke about the things he was displeased with and since then, the two have been on loggerheads.

When Emtee announced that he would be leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment, several people congratulated him for making such a bold decision, even though it was clear that the repercussions would not be favourable.

The talented star recently revealed how determined he is to get back his awards from Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The ‘We Up’ hitmaker has also accused Ambitiouz Entertainment of using his name to promote other artists.

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