Emtee Catches Strays As Big Zulu Serenades His Crush Pearl Thusi At Cotton Fest (Video)

The Cotton Fest music festival had several memorable moments, one of which was when South African rapper Big Zulu serenaded the media personality Pearl Thusi.

Some South Africans who saw the clip thought it was a deliberate jab at Emtee, who has expressed his love for Pear Thusi and even immortalised her in a song.

Big Zulu and Emtee are not exactly friends, especially as Emtee was miffed by the Inkabi Record rapper’s “150 Bars” in which he dissed several known names in South African music. Emtee is not a fan of disses and felt that Big Zulu should not have done what he did with the song.

Anyway, back to the Cotton Fest moment. While Emtee has always affirmed his love for Pearl Thusi, she has not been forthcoming on whether the feeling is mutual. In contrast, Pearl Thusi had flirted heavily with Big Zulu (even without the rapper making the first move).

Yeah, Big Zulu is a hunk of a bod and many South African ladies one a piece of him, including Pearl Thusi. So Big Zulu serenading her at Cotton Fest sounds like a win for the “Ichwane Lenyoka” rapper and a loss for Emtee.

But is it, really?

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