Emtee Challenges Ambitiouz Entertainment Boss To A Fist Fight

wants a fist fight with boss, Mahumapelo where the winner would take everything.

Are you thinking what we are thinking? Maybe every feud in the SA Music industry should be settled with fist fights or in Cassper and AKA’s case, a boxing match. That way, everyone knows who is actually stronger than the other.

Indeed, these social media wars get exhausting. can relate because he has been involved in quite a lot of them. We never dreamed there would be a day where he would say he was tired of them. Surprisingly, it has happened.

The “Waves” rapper has been engaging in Twars with his former label, since he left. Still, it hasn’t yielded anything. In a recent statement to Daily Sun, he revealed that he wants to challenge AE boss to a fist fight where the winner would get everything. This includes money, trophy and a public apology.

Here’s what be said;

Right now everyone thinks of me as a drug addict and it’s because of his company. I left the company and now suddenly I’m a drug addict? I’d like to think of myself as a rapper because I motivate youngsters, but all of a sudden I’m a drug addict.

“This is all his work because I finally saw the light and left the label. My name has been dragged through the mud and I’m tired. I’m challenging him to a match and the winner will get the money, trophy and a public apology,” 

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