Emtee Claps Back At A Critic Who Claimed He’s Broke For Lowering His Feature Price

SA star, claps back at a fan who claimed he lowered his feature price because he is broke.

Honestly, fans were not expecting Emtee’s big news this week. Even though, it is everyone’s dream to have the rapper on their song, we all were not expecting him to make it so easy. The “Brand New Day” star had announced a price slash to have him on features this week only.

Many tried to understand why he’d do that, and the only understandable explanation was that he could be broke. A troll on called the rapper out for being broke but did not expect the reply he got. He tweeted “Are you hungry whenever you going half the value?

In a fiery clap back, The Hustla stated that he decreased the value so the troll could afford to have him on his song. Ouch!

Nah. You are so I’m decreasing the value for you so you possibly can afford to have me on a track.

Well, if you’re going to come for Em, expect to be roasted beyond recognition. We hope he took it well.

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