Emtee Denies Knowing Mzansi Group Blaq Diamond

Mzansi trap ace has claimed he doesn’t know who Blaq Diamond is. Imagine being a notable South African musician and not knowing one of the music visible groups in the Rainbow Nation.

Emtee’s claim is understandable, though. The songster, who was previously signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment, had made it clear that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the record label ever again. And Blaq Diamond is a group signed to the record label.

After years at Ambitiouz entertainment, had had a running battle with the record label, at some point using the hashtag #FreeEmtee to have his contract with the label terminated.

He eventually got what he wanted – but only after the label had stipped him of many trappings of his contract, including a plush home and cars. He’s since founded a record label named for him and has been doing his thing solo.

This isn’t the first time had claimed not to know the group. A year earlier, he’d made it clear he doesn’t know the hit song the group had released. And he really doesn’t want to know. Talk about minding your own business. Anyway, y’all should expect new music from Emtee later.

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