Emtee Expresses Concerns Regarding The Corona Virus

Emtee voices out his concerns regarding the coronavirus spread

expresses a series of concerns regarding the virus spread in Mzansi.

The spread of the all over the world has been quite scary to hear. Many are dealing with it by washing their hands regularly, using hand sanitizers, and even avoiding much contact. A lot of people are concerned about the spread of the virus and have spoken out in that regard.

Talented Mzansi rapper, is quite concerned and has taken to his social media account to voice it. Speaking about the virus, which he called the ‘rona’ (like many in Mzansi), he revealed that the more he hears about it, the more he feels like he has it. Well, that’s almost the same thought of literally everyone.

The rapper also made a valid statement, asking who is teaching the people of Mzansi about the symptoms of the virus. He also revealed that because of the virus, he can’t release a tracklist for “Logan”.

He said,

The more I hear about the Rona, the more I feel like I have it. Who’s even teaching us about the symptoms and all,”

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