Emtee Hits Back At Trolls Over Claims He Still Drinks Alcohol

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South African rapper Emtee has rubbished claims that he was drunk after he was trolled online on the issue. The songster was celebrating 10 years of sobriety and popped on Instagram Instagram Live, where he addressed his fans.

It all started after he tweeted that he is celebrating 10 years of not taking alcohol. He described alcohol as the devil itself, noting he has nothing to do with that.

The reactions to the tweet were both negative and positive. While some tweeps celebrated him for a decade of sobriety, some were incredulous and insisted that he had actually not been sober. The songster took to Instagram soon after and addressed the issue as well. noting he has been sober for a decade. You can check out the tweet below.

The reactions were similar on Instagram, with people noting that there have not been noticeable changes between the old him and the new one, insisting that he has not actually ditched the bottle for good.

Of course, the songster has no control over what people might say or think about him. At best, he can only state what he knows or believes is the reality of his life. Whether people accept that is entirely their choice.