Emtee Mocks Big Zulu For Wearing Fake Clothes

SA Hip Hop star Emtee mocks Big Zulu for wearing fake clothes.

It is obvious that Emtee and Big Zulu are not pals. We all understood that when Zulu took a shot at The Hustla, claiming he doesn’t have a car. Shockingly, Emtee didn’t say a word about it in reply.

He only reacted when a fan was shocked to find out he actually owns a car. The “Brand New Day” star asked the fan why he would believe someone who “wears fake Gucci day in day out.” Of course, we couldn’t hold our when he tweeted that.

Emtee has taken another did at the “Umbayimbayi” star in a recent Live video. He said, “If you see me wearing fake clothes kill me. We can do a quality check, too if you want. Me? fake clothes? I’m not Big Zulu, did you hear what I say, I wear original all the way.” We wonder what Big Zulu things about this.

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