Emtee On Naming His Daughter Nairobi, Other Issues – Live On L-Tido’s Podcast (Watch)

It is no longer news that South African rapper Emtee now has a daughter after two sons. But why would he decide to name his daughter after Kenya’s capital Nairobi?

This was one of the questions he was asked following his appearance on L=RTido’s podcast. The songster also dwelled on other subjects, in all giving a candid glimpse into several aspects of his life, career and family.

Detailing the reason he named his daughter after the Kenyan capital, the songster noted that it was because he flew over to Nairobi to meet and also work with American rapper Trey Songz. It was a “monumental” period in his career and he decided to memorialise it by naming his daughter after the city.

Besides that, the city also brought out the warrior in him because, by his admission, when he landed in Nairobi, he felt sick but did not allow that to stop him from fulfilling the purpose of his trip. He was doing things even while sick.

Emtee and Nicole Hinsamy, who recently gave him a daughter after two sons, have had sporadic tiffs, with the latest news being that they are heading toward a divorce. In the interim, they are co-parenting their three kids.

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