Emtee On Not Meeting Up With Cassper In The Studio

Famous for always speaking his mind, Emtee once again bared all in his recent appearance on Podcast and Chill With MacG.

Emtee and Cassper are known not to be on the best of terms. Cassper Nuovest had reportedly laughed when Emtee collapsed on stage hile performing. This displeased Emtee and a host of others.

Although Cassper Nyovest has since apologized, it appears like amity is yet to be restored between them. It was inevitable, then, that Cassper Nyovest should make one of the topics during Emtee’s appearance on the podcast.

Emtee has worked with several South African musicians, including Sjav and Ruff but he’s yet to link up with Csassper in the studio. Asked why that is so, he noted that he had no relationship with Cassper Nyovest and had no idea what to expect. Although he was headed to the Family Tree rapper’digs at some point, he had to make a u-turn.

According to him, he had several fears, including Cassper quietly recording him smoking a blunt while pretending that they were recording.

What do you think of Emtee’s take on not meeting Cassper Nyovest in the studio? You may want to watch the detailed interview below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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