Emtee Planning To Leave South Africa To Continue His Music Career

Besides gearing up to release a new album, South African rapper Emtee has seemingly more ambitious plans for the future – to leave South Africa.

The songster made this known in a recent tweet on his official X account while also pointing out the reason for wanting to leave the Rainbow Nation. According to him, he has a deep love for South Africa and will continue to represent the country until his death.

However, he would have to do that from another country, far away from those who hate him and have been sending him death threats and other tokens of hate. He’s pretty hard to have to face such. He appears especially miffed because most of those against him do not even have their lives together.

In his tweet, though, he failed to mention the country he might end up leaving for. That was the puzzle. While some people asked, there was no indication he answered them. Maybe he is still working on that. You can check out the post below.

Emtee Planning To Leave South Africa To Continue His Music Career 1

Emtee has been through a lot, not only as a musician but as a family man as well. He had a long and brutal fight with Ambitiouz Entertainment, a record label he eventually left in a storm of acrimony. His relationship with his wife Nicole is also problematic.

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