Emtee Reacts To Big Zulu Not Regarding Him As A Rapper On Podcast and Chill With MacG

On a recent appearance on Podcast and Chill, former Ambitiouz Entertainment artiste Emtee details aspics of his life and career, his family and of course his most recent single, “Manando.”

The highlight of his interview was when he was informed “Mali Eningi” hitmaker Big Zulu had said, on his appearance on the podcast, that Emtee makes ctchy music but is not exactly a rapper.

Apparently Emtee was cool with that. He had responded that he doesn’t want to be boxed into the rap category. Making catch music is just great – it’s something he’s always aspired to. The world might bother about the category stuff.

Emtee had one of the most acrimonious exits from Ambitiouz Entetainment, an unapologetically controversial record label. At some point, while at Ambitiouz, he had trended the hashtag #FreeEmtee to accelerate his departure from the record label. After his exit, he had challenged the record label owner to a winner takes all fight.of course, the fight never took place.

What do you think of Emtee’s take on big Zulu not regarding him as a rapper? You may want to watch the accompanying video and join the conversation by sropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Do.

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